The Recommended books for D.Pharma

Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharma) is a two-year course where the students gain knowledge about the basics of pharmaceutical science and its applications. This two-year course provides extensive knowledge, both practical and theoretical. Some Recommended books for D.Pharma-

The two-year course is divided into the 2-year study pattern.

Subjects for the first year (Recommended books for D.Pharma) Subjects Recommended books
1 Pharmaceutics –I Remington’s Pharmaceutical Sciences.The Extra Pharmacopoeia-Martindale
2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry –I Indian pharmacopoeia
3 Pharmacognosy Pharmacognosy Kokate, C.K
4 Biochemistry & Clinical Pathology Essentials of biochemistry – Satyanarayan U
5 Human Anatomy & Physiology Human Anatomy and Physiology – Rahul Phate
6 Health education & community pharmacy Health Education and Community Pharmacy – N.S. Parmar


Subjects for the second year Subjects Recommended books
1 Pharmaceutics –II Indian Pharmacopoeia.

British pharmacopoeia.

National formularies(N.F.I.,B.N.P)

Remington’s pharmaceutical sciences.

Martindale’s Extra pharmacopoeia.

2 Pharmaceutical chemistry –II Pharmacopoeia of India.

British Pharmaceutical codex.

Martindale’s Extra pharmacopoeia.

3 Pharmacology  & toxicology Essentials of Medical Pharmacology – K.D. Tripathi
4 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence Bare Acts of the said laws published by Government
5 Drug store and Business management Drug store and business management for second-year diploma in pharmacy – Raje V.N.
6 Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy Remington’s pharmaceutical sciences.

Testing of raw materials used in Hospital pharmacy

Evaluation of surgical dressings.

Sterilization of surgical instruments, glassware, and other hospital supplies.

Handling and use of data processing equipment


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