Occupational Asthma

Occupation asthma

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A substance that is inhaled regularly in the work environment can cause a previously healthy person to develop asthma

Substances used in the workplace

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Currently about 200 substances used in the workplace including glues, resins, latex, and some chemicals, especially isocyanate chemicals used in spray painting


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Can be difficult to diagnose because a person may be regularly exposed to a particular trigger substance for weeks, months, or even years before the symptoms of asthma begin to appear.

Symptoms of Asthmatic attacks

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Main symptoms are wheezing, breathlessness, dry cough, and tightness in the chest

Effect on breathing

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In a severe attack, breathing becomes increasingly difficult, resulting in a low level of oxygen in the blood. This causes cyanosis of the face, particularly the lips.

How attacks can be prevented?

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There is no cure for asthma, but attacks can be prevented to a large extent if a particular allergen can be identified

Treatment involves

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Treatment involves inhaled bronchodilator drugs to relieve symptoms. When symptoms occur frequently, or are severe, inhaled corticosteroids are also prescribed.


Preventers Click to Flip
Drugs are used continuously to prevent attacks by reducing inflammation in the airways and are also known as preventers.

Other drug treatments

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Other drug treatments include sodium cromoglicate and nedocromil sodium, which are useful in preventing exerciseinduced asthma

Leukotriene receptor antagonists

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A new group of drugs called leukotriene receptor antagonists may reduce the dose of corticosteroid needed to control the condition

Treatment with a bronchodilator

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An asthma attack that has not responded to treatment with a bronchodilator needs immediate assessment and treatment in hospital


Asthma- intermittent narrowing of the bronchi

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