What is it?

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A hormone produced by the pancreas that regulates glucose levels in the blood.

How it is produced?

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Normally produced in response to raised glucose levels following a meal and promotes glucose absorption into the liver and muscle cells


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Insulin prevents a build-up of glucose and ensures that tissues have sufficient amounts of glucose.

Failure of Insulin

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Failure of insulin production results in diabetes mellitus


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An insulinoma is a rare tumour that causes excessive production of insulin and consequent attacks of hypoglycaemia.

Treatment of Diabetes mellitus

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Insulin replacement, self-administered by injection or through an infusion pump, is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus


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Preparations are produced from pig or ox pancreas or, more commonly, by genetic engineering


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Treatment prevents excessively high glucose levels in the blood and ketosis, which, in severe cases, may cause coma

Causes of high a dose of Insulin

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Too high a dose of insulin will cause hypoglycaemia, which can be relieved by consuming food or a sugary drink

What does hypoglycaemia cause?

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Severe hypoglycaemia may cause coma, for which emergency treatment with an injection of glucose or glucagon is necessary.
December 12, 2019

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